Health Benefit Marketing

The blueprint for plant-based brands to increase click rates and conversions and grow your email list in 5 days.

How to use your product's nutritional benefits to educate, engage, and sell more.

10+ email flow ideas to re-engage your listThe greatest un-tapped potential of your brandA framework to build credibility and sustained engagement with your listThis free email course shows you how to stop relying on discounts and sell more

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Health Benefit Marketing is designed to help brands like yours use your product's health and nutritional value to increase sales & subscribers.Plant-based brands have unique benefits that often require more education.This Educational Email Course shows you how to make your customers more aware.

Start using the health benefits of your
plant-based product to sell more on

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Day 1: Top 3 Mistakes Most Plant-Based Brands Make (And What To Do Instead)Day 2: How to Highlight The Health Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet And Deliver Immediate Value to Disengaged CustomersDay 3: Top 3 Tools To Reinforce Your Product's Health Benefits, Overcome Customer Objections, And Sell MoreDay 4: The Secret To Repositioning Your Product To Sell (Without Feeling Like You're Selling)Day 5: Top 3 Keys To Sustainable Growth & Engagement So You Can Keep Selling